Auto insurance is coverage that provides compensation to the insured in case of an accident. Also, depending on what type of coverage, you can cover damage to third parties, that means, medical expenses, compensation for injuries and property damage to the person with whom had the accident the insured.

How do you it ?

It is handled by a policy signed by both parties, the insurance company and the particular that seek to ensure, which is a contract in which the amount or “premium” to be paid by the particular and specifies the scope of coverage you have chosen and the insurance company must respond economically by defined in that contract.

Benefits granted by this coverage

Provides coverage in cases of theft and damage the vehicle.

Liability coverage, i.e. the legal responsibility with regard to an accident in which there is damage to third parties (the other part of the accident) so be it physical or property. It also applies in the case of the lesions will lead to the third party to perform a medical rehabilitation, which because of the accident may not be able to attend to their jobs normally lost wages or funeral expenses.

Duration of the insurance policies

They usually have a duration of 6 months to a year and once reached or within close proximity to the policy’s expiration date, the insurance company must notify the insured to renew the policy if it so wishes.

Types of Insurance

Civil liability:

it is obligatory in the United States of America  have at least this type of insurance which covers bodily injury and property damage to a third party in the event of an accident.

Collision Insurance:

Covers in whole or in part (depending on the type of policy contracted by the insured) damage to the  insured’s vehicle in the event of an accident in which is involved another vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance:

Covers in whole or in part (depending on the type of policy contracted by the insured not only damage caused by an accident in which is involved another vehicle but also covers you in the event of vandalism, weather eventualities such as hail and accidents with animals.

Protection against uninsured motorist insurance:

Covers the damage caused by an accident with another vehicle that does not have insurance or that has been given to the leak as well are bodily injury or damage to the  insured’s vehicle.

Insurance against Motorist Insurance:

Covers the insured in case the same is involved in an accident in which he/she is involved another vehicle that owns an insurance that does not reach to cover the costs generated by the damage.

Medical Payments Coverage:

In this case the insurance company be liable for any medical expenses in case of being necessary due to an accident.

Personal injury protection coverage:

Ensures coverage against the expenditure which may cause an accident. Depending on the terms of the insurance policy, the insurance can cover up to a 80 per cent of the losses as it may be, medical expenses, wage loss for being unable to attend the employment, repair of damage to the vehicle, funeral expenses, etc.


Insurance This type of insurance applies when the customer purchased a bank debt in order to purchase your vehicle. By theft or damage of the vehicle the company pays some compensation which in some cases is not enough to cover the debt purchased by the insured, in this case, the company can cover the whole of the loan.

Towing insurance and labor:

You can purchase only if the customer has a comprehensive insurance. Covers towing expenses and costs of labor for the repair of the vehicle.

Insurance reimbursement for rent:

In the event that the insured will not be able to use your car due to an accident, this insurance provides coverage of the rent another vehicle in case the customer requires it.

Classic Car Insurance:

Offers a specialized coverage for classic cars and vintage in a state of collection.

Auto insurance is vital for driving in the streets, though they are compulsory, even if it’s the minimum coverage that’s a civil liability insures into some third party involving danios and accidents brought on by an crash. The insurance policy protects you and also you mostly, covering medical costs, judicial, damage to your automobile, what’s needed in the event of a crash, also covers the person or persons that travelling with you, so in the case you have an injury they’ll also possess medical expenses coverage if necessary.

There’s a huge policies and companies which offer, creates the corresponding diagnoses and guarantees your automobile in order to cover your requirements.