Coverages for Pet Insurance

What is it? 

Pet Insurance is a combination of health insurance and property as it provides coverage for medical expenses that can generate a pet sick, until the coverage in case of death or theft, depending on what kind of pet will want to ensure and the type of policy that is paying the insured.

How do the companies of this type of insurance?

Operate very similar to those of health, the customer chooses the type of coverage you want for your pet which has a monthly  or annual called “premium” that is what must pay for coverage. Depending on the company, the customer must submit proof of payment of medical management in the insurance company for reimbursement, while other companies, directly paid to the professional. Also depending on the type of policy signed and details that there are specified, the coverage can be partial or total, with an annual deductible or per condition and have stops.

Partial Coverage:

The insurance company pays a percentage of the medical expenses of the mascot of the customer, the other party must cover the same.

Full Coverage:

The insurance company takes over one hundred percent of the medical expenses. This type of coverage may be deductible or possessing an annual ceiling.


The fund that is generating the client with her cousin, that is to say, what payable monthly or annually. Once the client exceeds the deductible can happen two things, one is that from that moment begins to pay copayments and the other is that you have to take responsibility for the entirety of the medical expenses generated by the pet.


Once the deductible, the client, in this case, pay a percentage of the medical expenses generated by the pet and the insurance company will pay the other party. These percentages are stipulated in the policy signed by both parties.


Is the maximum annual coverage offered by an insurance company on an annual basis, once the insured exceeds this ceiling, must be economically by the medical expenses of your pet until the end of the year and can renew the policy.

Types of coverage

Basic coverage:

Is the lowest cost and provides the insured a less reimbursement in case of injury in the event of an accident of your pet, poisoning and diseases.

Comprehensive coverage:

It is more expensive than the basic, but its coverage encompasses the conditions mentioned in the basic coverage and in addition, office visits, prescriptions, x-rays, and lab fees. They also provide the insured of a larger refund.

Coverage of Protection and care of pets:

Includes everything from the comprehensive coverage more immunizations, preventive care, physical exams, and heartworms. This type of coverage has a deductible.

Life insurance or theft:

The insurance company provides a compensation that is stipulated in the policy at either of those two cases. In the case of life there are certain cases covers and others who do not, they are specified in the policy.

Data to take into account

Not all companies claim to all types of pets while, if all claim to dogs and cats. There are some companies that do not cover: congenital diseases of race and pre-existing diseases or deficiencies. If the pet of the insured is diagnosed with an illness which lasts until the moment of renewal of the policy, as it will be considered pre-existing.

In case you have some pets it’s quite probable that in any circumstance need to stop by the vet for regular check-ups, vaccines and sometimes less lucky as a matter of urgency which needs diagnosis or operation, each these activities are costly and hard to manage on all the most recent conditions of urgency. Based on the form of insurance, each these prices will be dealt with in total or at least a proportion of the same that will assist you amortize the costs which are normally quite significant.

Pet insurance policies offer quite interesting and diverse, adapted to the requirements of every individual, shield the be more adored by all of the household, since not only are we speaking about cats or dogs, the policies may also be guided to exotic birds such as parrots, reptiles and a vast array of rodents too, giving a safe for your creature that selects each have as a pet in your house and thus protecting the pet as your own lace efficiently, in the event of thus need it.